I love your timely and efficient management. Our driver is polite and on time consistently. The various people I’ve spoken to in the office are kind and professional. The emails of changes to the pick-up schedule is also very helpful!
Mike S. said

The men that work here are so incredibly kind, courteous and friendly! I have never come across customer service as good as yours. Thank you!
Kelly & Mike

I have been a customer for many years. I am glad to be able to say I have never had a complaint. Keep up the good work!
Lorraine C

You are always on time and very dependable. Thank you. Recommending you to many people.
Kevin T

Several weeks ago we forgot to put our garbage can out. When we got home it was empty at the end of our driveway. My mother told me that the Associated Refuse employee had come down the driveway to get it. My mother-in-law had passed away very suddenly that week at only 64 years old. We were at her funeral that day and in all the emotion and confusion had forgot to put the garbage out. We were so appreciative at the employee that went the extra mile for us. Thank you! That level of care is noticed and appreciated.
The Mazzara Family

The driver who dropped the dumpster off was fantastic!! Not a blade of grass on our lawn was disturbed and we have a very small driveway. Thank you!
Elizabeth L.

You guys are great. Pat was completely courteous, friendly and professional. Your prices are fair and as-quoted (no hidden extra fees). I will be recommending you to others in the future.
Dave R

Thank you so much for walking up my driveway to pick up the trash so I wouldn’t have to compromise my recovery from orthopedic surgery by walking down the driveway with my receptacle. I really appreciate it!
Janet S

Please compliment the man who collects our refuse. To navigate all the refuse containers in the entire condo complex and tolerate the errors in judgement this community sometimes makes takes a professional and a gentleman.
Kevin H

When Stan changed out our can this month he was replacing it with an empty. I was being a whining baby about losing my 685 open top can. He explained that it needed to sit in the shop to get totally empty. I understood and went about my day when much to my surprise Stan reappeared with ol’ 685. He had emptied it out and returned it. What great service!
Dan B

Very pleased with your service. People in your organization are always courteous and pleasant to deal with. Your drivers are friendly and careful when on our condo property. It’s so nice to be able to report good service.
R. West, Sandy Hook

Thank you to our driver. My Dad was styaing with us for a while from Florida and he has alzheimers so he gets confused sometimes. Your driver was both curtious and understanding when he would meet my Dad. Thanks again for your patience and understanding with him.
K. Karlson, Sandy Hook

The guy who picks up my garbage is extremely polite, friendly, and helpful.
J. Bartosik, Sandy Hook

I just would like to recognize the guys who come to our home for recycling & garbage pick up. I’m not sure of our garbage guy’s name but he is always professional & pleasant. Scott, our recycling guy, is always friendly and it is a pleasure to have them here. Thank you.
T. Connelly

Thank you for the great service!!
A. Goncalves, Newtown