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As your hometown hauler, proudly serving Newtown, Sandy Hook, Southbury, Oxford, and Bethel, we have separated ourselves from the others through our extraordinary, above and beyond personal service. “We supply the “Trash Cans” as part of our service. Our roll out trash carts range in sizes of 32/35, 65, and 96 gallons. If your cart is damaged, we will fix or replace the cart at no additional charge to you.

When you call us, you’re calling your neighbor just down the street! We are confident that you will never find a better service.

We also provide driveway service using small collection vehicles. Associated Refuse has a variety of cleanup containers available in 4, 6, 10, 12/15, 20 and 30 cu. yds.

Do’s of Residential Carts

DO the following:

  • Follow all instructions placed on the cart lid and on the literature provided when your cart is delivered
  • Completely close the lid before moving the cart
  • Keep fingers and hands clear of the cart top rim when opening or closing lid
  • Grab the handle with both hands while facing the rear of the cart before moving the cart; then tilt the cart and push or pull it
  • Fill the cart only when it is stable and upright
  • Periodically rinse out the cart with water, bleach or ammonia
  • Place the cart out the night before your collection day
  • Place the cart with the “arrow” on the cart lid pointing towards the street
  • Place the cart as close to the curb as possible but not in the street
  • Retrieve the cart when it is empty
  • Call us at 203-426-8870 FREE if your cart is broken, damaged or if you have any questions about using the cart

Don’ts of Residential Carts

Do NOT do the following:

  • Do not tilt or move the cart with the lid open
  • Do not overfill the cart – Make sure you do not exceed the weight limit and the lid will close before moving the cart – If you have excess trash consistently, please contact us for an extra cart
  • Do not step or climb on the wheels
  • Do not sit or stand on top of the cart or climb inside the cart
  • Do not drag the cart
  • Do not use the cart if it is broken – call for replacement
  • Do not let children play with the cart
  • Do not put hot coal, ashes, or flammable liquids inside the cart
  • Do not paint or deface the cart – It is the property of Associated Refuse Haulers
  • Do not put hazardous waste, paints, oils, corrosives, or dead animals in the cart
  • Do not store the cart near a heat source, flammable liquids, or corrosives
  • On Collection Day do not place cart near stonewalls, mailboxes, trees, telephone poles, or in the street