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Associated Refuse Haulers Celebrates 30 Years of Service with New Vehicles That are Good to the Environment 

April 13, 2012

New-Vehicles New-Vehicles-imgAssociated Refuse Haulers is proud to celebrate 30 years serving the community’s waste management needs.  With the acquisition of several new environmentally-friendly trucks, the company is looking to continue to keep the area clean and green for years to come.

Associated Refuse attributes its success to its commitment to customer service as priority one and being good stewards of the environment as priority number two. The strive to keep the community clean with uniformed trash collection bins utilizing enclosed, leak proof, automated collection vehicles designed to keep the town free from litter and spillage during the collection process.

“Our customers receive prompt, reliable and courteous refuse service from our professional staff and well-maintained, state-of-the-art fleet of collection vehicles, and refuse containers.   We have invested in several EPA certified clean burn diesel waste removal vehicles that will be in service by late spring,”  says President, Pat Caruso.

Within the last six months, five new trucks have been added to the fleet.  They offer improved technology to increase efficiency and lower the impact on the environment.  The small and medium side loaders offer better fuel mileage with clean burn diesel and no emissions, using less natural resources and keeping the air cleaner.  The new larger automated side loader, increases safety and efficiency and runs much quieter.  In addition to the three side loaders, the company purchased one rear loader and one roll-off vehicle.

Associated Refuse’s environmentally conscious recycling program has evolved over the years from manure, paper office products and polystyrene to include juice boxes, cardboard and food waste recycling.  With the addition of single stream recycling residents and businesses can now put all their recyclable materials together in one convenient wheeled recycling cart.